UTA Signs ‘Unexpected’ Director Kris Swanberg – Sundance

Unexpected writer-director Kris Swanberg has signed with UTA. The film, starring Cobie Smulders and Anders Holm, follows a high school teacher and student who both find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. It had its world premiere yesterday at the Library Center Theatre in Park City. David Kaplan from Animal Kingdom and Andrea Roa from Dark Arts are repping the pic at Sundance.
Swanberg also wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film It Was Great, But I Was Ready To C… …read more

‘Selma’s Ava DuVernay, David Oyelowo Reunite For Hurricane Katrina Pic

BREAKING: Selma helmer Ava DuVernay and star David Oyelowo are developing a narrative feature that is described as a sweeping love story and murder mystery framed around the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina. She will write and produce and direct and he will produce and star. It’s the third deal behind the Sundance hit Middle Of Nowhere and Best Picture nominee Selma. Participant Media is backing the film and Jeff Skoll and Jonathan King will be exec… …read more

Adobe Touch Workspaces Show What The Microsoft Surface Can Be With A True Creative Focus

Adobe’s Touch Workspaces are new UI tools for Illustrator and Photoshop that were introduced in the CC 2014 update of those applications, providing a friendly interface for touch devices with high resolution screens, like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. While the potential audience for these software tweaks may be small, in practice they provide a lot of benefit for any digital artists… Read More

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Apple is set to report earnings Tuesday, January 27 after the market closes. We will be all over the report, so tune in at 4 PM eastern to see the results as quickly as possible. Apple will be reporting how much stuff it sold during the holiday quarter, which covers October to December of 2014. Analysts expect this report to be epic. How epic? When you think of this report, think of the music from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Here, via Bloomberg’s terminal, is what analysts are expecting from Apple: Revenue: $67.5 billion, which would be up 17% year-over-year EPS: $2.60, which would be up 25% year-over-year iPhone units: 65 million, which would be up 27% year-over-year (whisper number is closer to 69 million) iPhone average selling price (ASP): $668 (It was $602.92 for the previous quarter.) iPad units: 22 million, down 14% year-over-year iPad ASP: $436 Mac units: 5.5 million units, up 15% year-over-year iPod units: 3.5 million Gross Margin: 38.5% March quarter revenue guidance: $53.70 billion To put these numbers in context, analysts estimate Google did $66.4 billion in revenue for all of 2014. Apple is going to generate more revenue in a three month period than Google did all year. If Apple’s iPhone business meets expectations, it will generate $43.4 billion in revenue. Analysts expect the combined revenue of Microsoft and Google to be $44.8 billion over the same period. So, in effect, Apple’s iPhone business could be just as big as Microsoft and Google combined. While the consensus for iPhone sales is at ~65 million, there are plenty of analysts saying Apple sold 73 million iPhones during the quarter. If Apple hits 73 million, it would demolish its previous best ever quarter of sales, which was 51 million units. It would also mean the iPhone business generates $48.8 billion. Why are Apple’s sales going to be so bonkers? Because Apple started selling the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch screen, and the iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen. Previously, the largest iPhone screen was 4-inches. These screens are measured on a diagonal. So, a 4.7-inch screen is actually bigger than just .7-inches. Apple was the last smartphone company to sell a phone with a bigger screen. Every other phone maker had at least a 4.5-inch screen. Apple was rumored to be releasing a …read more

How We Come to Know Ourselves In the Age of the Quantified Self

My grandmother recently had a pacemaker implanted. Major surgery and its aftermath are frightening at any age, but for a 93-year-old and her family it is a particularly scary tightrope to walk. Had her recovery been filmed for a montage in a family drama, there would have been reassuring doctors and smiling nurses with encouraging words as the liveliness returned to her eyes and activity to her arms and legs—but this wasn’t a movie. This was the information age. As we gathered around her hospital bed in the days after the procedure, I could tell that my grandmother was worried, and I was worried, too…. …read more