Home Depot didn’t take data security seriously, report reveals

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Home Depot recently confirmed that it has been the victim of the largest credit card breach in history, with 56 million payment cards having been stolen by clever hackers, who managed to access the giant retailer’s systems for more than four months. A report from The New York Times further reveals that while the recent hack was possible thanks to advanced malware programs that went undetected by existing security measures, Home Depot apparently has a history of ignoring the security of its customers’ payment data.
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Organisers Branded ‘Tasteless’ For Using ISIS-Inspired Imagery For Gay Nightclub Party

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“We are trying to react to current events… But we reject violence in any form.”

English language Israeli news website Ynetnews reports one of Tel Aviv’s most popular gay party organisers, ‘Drek’ has used imagery associated with recent ISIS beheadings in recent advertising.

Facebook: Ynetnews

According to the report, the organisers borrowed the striking imagery of kneeling victims in orange jump suits to advertise for a party called ‘Drekistan at the Haoman’ at a Tel Aviv nightclub last week.

“We are trying to react to current events. We have been doing it for a number of years. But we reject violence in any form and that includes the (execution) videos intended to scare the world,” one of the organisers told Ynetnews.

The news report spurred Facebook users to brand the party advertising “sick” and “tasteless”.

Facebook: Ynetnews

Some condemned the images for how they would reflect on Israelis.

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Watch Apple CEO Tim Cook speak at 12 PM EST as part of Climate Week 2014

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Climate Week NYC is an annual conference about environmental sustainability. For 2014, there is a particular focus on lowering carbon emission across business, government and individuals. Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to speak at the event, for the first time, at 12 PM EST. The livestream for the event is embedded below.

Cook will speak alongside other ‘ambitious and innovative companies’ in green energy, including executives from IKEA and Bloomberg. The segment is targeted at invoking instant changes in business behaviour, by highlighting how lowering carbon emissions is in the self-interest of companies in addition to the benefits on the global environment.
Although Cook has not appeared at this event before, it makes sense for an Apple presence in the context of recent company campaigns. Not only are Apple executives participating in public events much more often nowadays (such as Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose, his upcoming interview with WSJDLive or Greg Joswiak’s upcoming appearance at Code/Mobile), Apple has been heavily pushing environmental sustainability.
After hiring EPEAT’s Lisa Jackson in May 2013, Apple has converted much of its power to 100% renewable energy. It has an entire microsite dedicated to its efforts and has even advertised its environmental commitments in the press. Apple’s upcoming campus will be powered solely by renewable energy sources, as are its latest data centers. Cook has stated many times that whilst secretive about new products, he wants every company to ‘copy’ Apple’s focus on the environment.
The conference itself begins at 10 AM EST, but Cook is not scheduled to appear until midday.
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3 Kruger National Park Workers Arrested On Suspicion Of Rhino Poaching

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JOHANNESBURG (AP) — A ranger and two other employees of South Africa’s parks service were arrested on suspicion of rhino poaching in the country’s flagship wildlife reserve, the agency said Monday.
The three suspects were found with a hunting rifle and ammunition in the Lower Sabie area of Kruger National Park, which has been hit hard by rhino poachers, many of whom cross over from neighboring Mozambique, the South African National Parks service said in a statement. The arrests Sunday came after a recently killed rhino was found in the area, the agency said. “These are the people that we entrusted with the welfare of these animals,” said Reynold Thakhuli, a spokesman for the parks service. “These are just elements that unfortunately have allowed themselves to be used by syndicates.”
Thakhuli said the alleged corruption was extremely disturbing, but noted the dedication of many rangers and other parks officials. The detentions came after an anti-poaching intelligence operation that included police and park employees, he said.
“It is unfortunate that those trusted with the well-being of these animals are alleged to have become the destroyers of the same heritage that they have a mandate to protect,” Abe Sibiya, the agency’s acting chief executive officer, said in a statement.
Kruger park lies in the northeast part of South Africa and is nearly 20,000 square kilometres (8,000 square miles), almost the size of small countries such as Israel and El Salvador. Hundreds of rangers patrol the park with some air support and backing from the South African military, but conservationists say more resources are needed to adequately protect Kruger’s wildlife.
Home to most of the world’s rhinos, South Africa is struggling to stem a surge in rhino poaching in recent years as demand for rhino horn rises in some parts of Asia, including China and Vietnam. Some people view rhino horn as a status symbol and a healing agent, despite a lack of evidence that it can cure. The horn is made of keratin, a protein also found in human fingernails. …read more

10 Things In Tech You Need To Know Today (AAPL, MSFT, AMZN, BABA, GOOG)

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Today’s “10 Things In Tech” is sponsored by Good morning! We’re looking at wonderful day here in New York, with a high near 70, and sunny skies. Let’s start the week with some news: 1. Meet the three men who get billions of dollars from Cisco to create new businesses and new companies: Mario Mazzola, Prem Jain, and Luca Cafiero. Inside the company they even have their own cool nickname: MarioPremLuca. 2. Apple is selling more iPhone 6 Pluses than expected, and customers are paying the extra $100 to get in to the mid tier, according to a small survey of customers by Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster. This means Apple is making even more money than expected. 3. When Apple announces iPhone 6 opening weekend sales, here’s what investors will be looking for. 4. Which iPhone 6 is best? We talk about that, as well as what Yahoo should do with its money, and why Microsoft bought Minecraft in our latest podcast. 5. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba IPO’d on Friday and saw its stock pop by 38% on its first day of trading. It closed at $93.89. SPONSOR CONTENT BY Dropbox”File sync” is a new kind of technology that lets you get work done anywhere, and it’s ushering in a new age of productivity. See how file sync impacts your business. 6. Here’s a weird one: Hampton Creek, a startup trying to develop egg alternatives, lost a key executive after just 9 days on the job. Ali Partovi left the company 9 days after being announced as Chief Strategy Officer. He is an investor and had been advising the company, now he won’t even be advising. 7. Iain Kennedy, an Amazon executive working on payments has bolted for Microsoft. 8. Speaking of Amazon, every year Jeff Bezos hosts a nice retreat for authors. The only condition of the retreat: Don’t talk about the retreat. This year, thanks to the battle with Hachette some writers are talking about it. 9. Vox.com has a big story on Betaworks, and its successful reinvention of Digg. 10. China has tightened its clamps even further on Google making it harder than ever to use Google services. 11. BONUS: This video will change how you see iPhone 6 lines forever.Join the conversation about this story

Allen Robinson makes a splash in fantasy with 10 targets

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Allen Robinson looked great in a start Sunday. We break down the fantasy implications.
Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Allen Robinson made his first start as a pro against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, catching seven receptions for 79 yards on 10 targets. The rookie from Penn State had four catches last week against Washington and has quickly risen up the depth chart.
The Jaguars did not have fellow rookie Marqise Lee in the lineup Sunday, which allowed Robinson to get the nod. Allen Hurns had a tremendous first half against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1, but he’s really fizzled out and only had one catch against the Colts — it was a 63-yard touchdown, though.
The Jaguars were useless on offense in the first half and were shut out, but rookie Blake Bortles came to the rescue in the second half. Robinson has outplayed Lee and Hurns, so there’s a good chance he’ll be able to keep his job.
Fantasy impact: When you’re the second option on the Jaguars, it’s hard to get too excited. That said, Robinson has been heavily targeted and his arrow is pointing up. If you’re in a 14-team PPR league, he’s worth a look to help you while you deal with bye weeks. He’ll get the San Diego Chargers in Week 4. …read more