APAC Online Games Revenue Projected At $30bn In 2018

APAC online games revenue is anticipated to reach $30.39bn in 2018 according to a recent statement by the IDC. Asia-Pacific for that reason will be accounting for over 335.88 million online gamers in 2018, amongst which 150 million will be paid gamers. This is due to the thriving market owing to enhanced mobile gaming and access. The online gamers are expected to grow to 335.88 million, thereby increasing from 240.74 million in 2013. The number of paying online gamers is projected to reach around 150 million, i.e. increasing from 102.81 million in 2013 according to IDC. The APAC revenue, apart from that of Japan, is also expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.53 percent.

Online games revenue increased by 14.27 percent to hit US$12.96 billion in 2013, against US$11.34 billion in 2012. The growth in the APAC regions online games market is also anticipated to benefit from the rising consumer smartphone acceptance and mobile internet access. IDC analysts believe that China has been growing well in the recent times and this growth trend is poised to be the a determining factor in online games, though markets such as Korea and Taiwan, are also witnessing positive growth.

China, Korea, and Taiwan are stated to be the top three markets in the APAC region, comprising for 95.56 percent of online games revenue. China spearheaded the bandwagon with 75.73 percent share of the market in 2013, thereby producing US$9.81 billion in revenue. Budding online games markets like India and Indonesia are also showing signs of growth in the recent years IDC study states. Also, mobile games and new categories like MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and eSports, have also emerged as strong growth drivers, particularly in China, Korea, and Taiwan.

A major growth driver for APAC regions online gaming market is the shift from a subscription fee-based business model to a freemium model. The IDC expects in-app purchases and advertising to be the prime drivers and tools to monetize games in Asia, particularly on the mobile platform.


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