Noovo, is A Unique Startup That Builds Your Brand

Noovo founded by A Ein, is a brand building startup campaigned on the crowdfunding portal, Indiegogo. Launched and started being active since, though not officially incorporated yet, the end of September, 2014, Noovo is a brand building company, providing consulting, research, design, and publishing services to brands internationally.

Noovo defines brand image as the personality of the brand, something which is often restricted to the bigger brands but the visionaries here want to build brands out of smaller businesses & individuals. Similarly to the cute cafe beside the street, construction companies or the teacher working to change the world; they intend to work as brand incubators for startup companies i.e. build, manage and publish the brand in return of a small flexible share in equity.

The Noovo campaign on Indiegogo started 3 months ago started with mere maybe $19 focused on promoting, advertising to companies, businesses and startups all over the world. It is a company that builds young brands and makes them stand out. The minds’ behind Noovo includes’, A Ein the Founder, Takuya Aoki the Sales partner from Japan; Masato Tahara and Kazuki Sugioka the Designer.

Noovo focuses on empowering and developing small and mid-sized brands/businesses. They have their heads in Ideas, Art and Organizations and believe they can empower any idea in the World.

The contribution perk amount on their Indiegogo campaign begin from mere $1 and goes up to $1,000. Visit the Noovo Indiegogo campaign page.

Noovo wants to make friends all over the world! Please visit their site to know more about the making of Noovo.


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