LG and Samsung Plan For Bendable and Curved Displays

CES 2014 is the first exhibition of foldable screen technology showcased by Samsung. One day these technologies might give us a direct access to TV tablets and mobile under single device.  Samsung and LG, the Korean tech giants are already planning and working in this field and Samsung recently released a folded edge mobile.

These futuristic displays which can be folded are already in work by these tech giants and Samsung is planning to release its prototype sometime next year end. A complete produced model for the customers might be available sometime later.

Chang Hoon says that he believes in the design innovation using flexible screen are the important features in future.

We know that the specifications of devices are increasing day by day , and year by year slowly. This type of innovation might completely change the market drastically and can spark the change in the industry.

Analysts say that this technology is still far away from the potential market as there are many other challenges which need to be faced given that few components are yet not bendable.  We already had few mobiles this year itself from these giants and looking forward for completely foldable screens in future.

Samsung released Galaxy Round, a unique phone curved as vertical axis. Also Galaxy Note Edge, which has curved display at once side of mobile usually utilized for notifications and shortcuts. LG also released G Flex which has a curved screen mix which can bend a little if you accidentally sit on it.

After this foldable and bendable screens Samsung plans on stretchable displays which are in very far future but hope to see them one day. Excited about new technologies?


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