The Top 5 Social Media Apps

Since the advent of the mobile phone, a brand new spectrum of technology has not only sprung into existence, but emerged at the forefront of the information revolution. From the branded applications put out by big businesses to the free games offered by first-time designers, mobile applications are a phenomenal asset to the modern consumer in shopping, entertainment, business, and connecting with others.

The introduction of social media apps scene has been explosive. With just a few clicks, it’s easier than ever before to connect with every Twitter follower, every Facebook friend, every new contact on a hundred networking websites. There are some apps, however, that stand out from all the others.

1. HootSuite

Twitter is the 7th most downloaded app on Android of all time, and Facebook is number one. HootSuite allows you to monitor, schedule, and manage all your social media accounts under one app. What sets this app above its competitors is the keyword search feature, which allows users to monitor trending keyword terms and receive relevant alerts about their posting and popularity.

2. Postling

Although currently unavailable for Android, Postling is completely free for iPhone users. Like HootSuite, it provides access for customers to post to many social websites at once. Where Postling has the advantage is in providing a daily recap of the past day’s events, and in being entirely free for iPhone users in the iTunes app store.

3. TwitterFeed

TwitterFeed does more than simply provide a feed for a Twitter account. This handy little app enables users to publish posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms with a single click, fed through an RSS feed. The app also allows users to track the performance of blog posts and status updates in real time.


While many of the top apps are good for updating Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other extremely popular apps, their performance suffers when confronted with lesser-known social media apps or websites, such as RebelMouse and Storify. is a social media aggregator designed to link even hundreds of social media accounts together, allowing users to post updates everywhere simultaneously.

5. Flipboard

Flipboard, available on the iTunes Store and on Google Play for Android, is an excellent way to customize a social media feed that works for any user on a personal level. This app allows customers to create a specially-designed interactive magazine that caters to their specific likes and requirements, arrayed in an individually formatted layout.

There are hundreds of thousands of applications for mobile phone users available for free and as paid apps. Of course, apps are bandwith-intensive and require broadband in order to function properly. Of the thousands available for helping users manage social media accounts, it pays to pick and choose the absolute best options.

What social media apps do you like?


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