Sell Your House Fast Using Social Media

If you decide to sell your house yourself, you have to think big. This doesn’t just mean an ad in the local paper or even a board outside your house. You need to reach thousands of people, most of whom you have never met and the best way to do this is to use social media to reach the maximum number in the minimum time. The great thing about using platforms like Facebook is that it need cost you nothing, although if you have a budget, you can increase your chances of selling your house fast by taking out an ad – but more of that later.

Some people don’t think of using Facebook – or other media sharing site of choice – because they don’t have many ‘friends’ on there, but the whole point is the cumulative effect. If you have twenty friends, who all have twenty friends, on the first level you have four hundred people who will potentially see your home for sale. If they all have twenty friends, you will have eight thousand people as a marketplace and so on. Since most people have friend lists into the hundreds, the potential market size is in the hundreds of thousands and all of them thinking that this is the house of a ‘friend’ so they are already on side.

Make sure that you are using the right privacy settings before you begin. You want everyone to be able to see your fabulous house. Also take some time to make sure that everything you share is of the very highest quality. This means excellent images, well staged as well as good quality and with the emphasis on the points that you know your friends are likely to appreciate. If you can do it, a video tour of the house would be a good touch but put a narration on afterwards, don’t just have the soundtrack of you walking along, coughing, sneezing etc – this needs to look professional.

Create a Facebook Note so that all the details can be listed; be as detailed as possible here and don’t forget that people want to know things about your property such as how much it costs to heat, bus routes, schools, shops and everything that makes living there good. Even if you have no children, find out about schools – a good one is a sure fire selling point these days. Don’t get bogged down in house talk, though – if your friends get bored by constant moving tales, they will stop looking and then you will find your coverage will dwindle. On the other hand, if you have relaxed your privacy settings, keep stories of your nights on the town down to details you won’t mind a potential buyer reading! And never share stories about timewasters – that way you will soon lose the goodwill of the community.

If you have a budget, an ad will definitely help and it is not hard to set one up. You can set your daily spend when you begin the process, so you won’t end up paying more than you can afford and it is the only practicable way that a private individual can in effect advertise their house for sale to the entire world.


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