Steps to Achieving PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was instituted to guarantee data security in companies dealing with sensitive information. While the process should be relatively simple and pain-free to achieve, many businesses, whether large or small, struggle with compliance. This can leave their information and customers vulnerable to any possible security problems. With the recent data breaches in the news, your company must pay attention to PCI Compliance to keep both data and people safe while also protecting your business’s bottom line.

In companies that deal with data storage and protection, there are often many issues that arise when attempting to achieve PCI Compliance. By focusing on storing only necessary information, businesses can greatly reduce the scope of what they must protect while also conducting assessments on what can be left out. Assigning a few employees to focus on moving toward compliance is the best way to get this process moving. In addition, deploying payment applications that already adhere to the rules is a guaranteed way to achieve compliance. Companies should also consider outsourcing operations containing sensitive information such as payment processes. This takes the difficult task off of your employees’ hands and leaves less room for error on the part of your business.

As a whole, achieving PCI Compliance should be a vital part of security strategies for any company that is dealing with secure information and data, specifically that which would need to be encrypted. Check out the infographic below for more information on how to successfully achieve PCI compliance.


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