How Social Media Is Rewiring Your Teens’ Brains? Internet Parental Control App Can Help

The social media life of the app-obsessed teens is no less than a mess today. If you sit and observe how they use the Internet and their favorite networking apps, you will be shocked how quickly they get bored of one app and switch to another. Waking up in the morning, getting ready for the school, in the class, at the lunch, after the school, and even in the bed; smartphones usage is the most significant part of their routine. Such obsession is no doubt troublesome, but luckily it not out of you control, you can use Internet parental controls smartly and reduce their over-usage of these apps.

How Social Media is re-wiring their brains

Constantly updating their statuses on Facebook, Tweeting or Instagramming pictures on their smartphones can affect their brains in strange ways. Have a look:

Shrinking attention spans

You must have heard of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It’s basically the reduction in someone’s attention span. Extensive screens times, constant Internet connectivity on smartphones and tablets and the 24/7 social networking has shrunken teens’ attentions span. It can harm their performance at school, in sports and in real-life interactions.
You can control the time they spend on the social media apps and other cell phone usage. Parental control apps are best in this regard. They can let you know when they use the smartphones the most and you can avert the abuse by putting screen locks and forbidding them from using at improper hours.

Increasing dating violence 

Today’s teens are very fast in making relationships and destroying them too. Over the past few years the extensive use of Internet and dating applications has increased the incidents of dating violence as well. These abusive and violent relationships can leave long-term negative influences on your teens and they can harm others, too.
You can use some advanced apps like FamilyTime to block the dating sites beforehand. If your child is not big enough for active dating yet, you need to be on the lookout for such apps. You can also use its Internet monitoring feature and get a fair idea if they are visiting dating sites frequently. Getting to know your teens’ queer interests can let you make right decision and protect them in real time.

Inappropriate online content 

Internet is full of content and easy access to the information can sometimes be dangerous. They can get exposed to adult or violent content or even fall for misleading content. Teens tend to pick up slang phrases and due to the too-casual tone of conversation, they can often use the same style on real life, too.

Sleep deprivation 

Teens are not even leaving the phones in the bed. And what’s the result? They’d wake up looking like a zombie and not one bit focused.  They stay up all night and sleeping whole day which impacts their alertness and concentration. Smartphones, tablets and laptops keeps them awake all night long. They don’t even stop networking in the bed and texting and tweeting is another enemy of sleep.

FamilyTime app is a free app for parents and parents can install it on their Android and iPhones to monitor and manage their teen’s lifestyle. This app can be downloaded by clicking on the following buttons:

Stop the phone abuse and keep networking fun!

Internet is a very useful and entertaining source, but teens hardly keep it this way. They would get hooked on these social networking apps the moment they’d get their 1st smartphone. So you use the Internet parental control like FamilyTime and let them have fun with their gadgets!


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