Facebook Messenger gets an update to show context about others

Facebook, the social media giant has been impacting the lives we live, friends we make and the way we reach out to something. It is always a wonder and quite an apprehension when you see an anonymous chat. It can be quite a surprise when speaking to different people and making friends with them. The company has now planned to deal with this apprehension among its users with its new upgrade for its Messenger.

To make the online social bonding a bit more comfortable, Facebook, on Thursday, has rolled out a new feature to its Messenger. This new feature gives the user a piece of information about the person who has texted you in messenger for the first time.  It also lets the user to know if they are Facebook friends or not.

The new feature which provides some context would feel like an icebreaker, which is needed to make good connections and friends.

The Messenger team is upgrading the application to iOS and Android users in the next few weeks. The Android users of U.K, U.S, France and India would get the upgrade following which other countries would get it.

This is how it works, this upgrade would display few information above the first message about job, place etc picking the same from their FB profile. It would also show the mutual friends if there are any.

Though this feature is similar to the Hello app by Facebook, this would provide information which is useful. The suggestions and information shown owes to the privacy settings of the users.

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