How The Unified Communications Is Changing The Workforce

Is your business considering deploying a cloud-based communication tool? While the benefits far outweigh the costs, you still may have lot of unanswered questions that need to be addressed. First of all, how will this tool affect your workplace?

Following the introduction of unified communications as a whole, this tool has quickly established itself as a must-have product for businesses looking into the future. In this day and age, it is vital for companies to be able to keep track of and communicate with employees no matter where they are. As the workplace grows more flexible and spread out, embracing BYOD arrangements is no longer optional. Because your employees are no longer in the office every day, they need to be empowered to make well-informed decisions regardless of where they are working.

While this tool may seem like an unnecessary expense, the truth of the matter is that cloud-based UC can actually lower the cost of ownership for companies in the long-run. By allowing employees to use their own devices, businesses can lower their hardware expenses and can therefore redirect their funds elsewhere. In addition to saving money, firms can also simplify their billing processes. Rather than concentrating on communication costs, employees can focus on their performance and boost revenue for the company as well. Lastly, if your business is concerned about a disaster recovery plan, UC data can help you prepare and protect the data that you do have. For more information on how unified communications is changing the workplace, check out the infographic provided by ShoreTel.


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