Lean Management & Outsourced IT Back Office Teams: Can it Actually Work?

There are many advantages to small businesses for hiring one of the many IT companies in London. IT support  provides a lower cost solution to handling the IT infrastructure of a company, while allowing the business to focus on their core objectives. It also provides access to a talented pool of professionals who specialize directly in IT management and support, who may not have otherwise been available for hire by the business directly. On the other hand, there are some risks associated with the outsourcing of IT and lean management strategies. For instance, outsourcing can affect the business’s ability to maintain high quality standards by keeping their processes in house, and create distance between the customers and the business. These have often led to difficulties when it comes to resolving customer complaints in the long run.

Lean versus Outsourcing

There has been a longstanding thought that a business cannot be both lean and also have outsourcing. However, some would argue that companies such as Syntax IT support London in London have the ability to overcome the differences between these two schools of thought. The argument for using both lean management and outsourcing is that lean management is a way of performing a process, while outsourcing is a matter of deciding who will actually perform the work. These are two fundamentally different questions, and the solution may be that an outside company is able to improve upon the process and do the work cheaper than it could be done internally. Therefore, it is possible to do both.

How to Maintain the System

One of the biggest arguments for utilizing both lean management and outsourced IT is that it is absolutely possible for the business to do both as long as they maintain a few fundamental truths — the use of IT companies in London does not compromise the customer experience in any way. To do this it is important that the specific product and services produced by the business are still done in house and at the highest possible quality level. The only thing that should be outsourced are secondary services, such as customer support and IT, and those services should still be reliable and provide customers with easy and direct access to solutions that meet their needs.

Ultimately, many companies that do not have the staff or budget for full time IT support can benefit from outsourcing of their IT team to a more cost effective third party. However, the integrity of their business requires that they maintain stringent control of their lean manufacturing and service processes independently.


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