Best Free Tools For Your YouTube ToolBox (Infographic)

If you are looking to create a great YouTube video which is going to be viewed by many and might even go viral, it makes sense to make the most of all the YouTube toolbox.

There are so many excellent tools built into the your YouTube user account and with options like the Creator Hub, you have access to a resource center which is designed to help you create your videos, find your audience and get the guidance and support you need to achieve this.

The YouTube toolbox offers you quick uploads via its Capture tools, with automatic edits and enhancements plus the ability to upload simultaneously across social media, which is critical if you have viral ambitions with your video.

The rules of the internet are that we generally have a short attention span and will click away quickly if something doesn’t hold our interest and this is definitely the case with video content. The first 15 seconds of your YouTube video are crucial to viewer success, so there are some useful tips and instructions in the Toolbox to help you grab the audience’s attention in that short window of opportunity.

Another great feature of the Toolbox is the chance to add some real professional polish to your video by adding some background music.

You can search and add licensed background easily and you can also add captions and annotations, which all make a significant contribution towards the success of your YouTube video.

This infographic guides you through the feature of the YouTube Toolbox which is at your disposal and might even help you if you have ambitions to go viral with your content.


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