XNSPY Cell Phone Monitoring App Is Now Available In NoJailbreak Edition

Don’t want to Jailbreak your iOS devices? Not a problem anymore with XNSPY’s NoJailbreak edition, which lets your monitor a lot of important features without going through the nasty process of jailbreaking on your expensive iPhones and iPads.

XNSPY cell phone monitoring app has definitely elevated the game with this new feature, keeping its promise to upgrade the software soon. If you are a current user of XNSPY or looking forward to be one, have a look at some of the features of NoJailbreak version that lets you monitor:

– All the incoming, outgoing and missed calls of the targeted user.
– Contacts saved on the device.
– Photos saved in the gallery on the target iPhone and iPad.
– Internet browsing history
– SMS conversations with user ID, date and time stamps.
– Calendar entries to look at the plans of the target person.
– WhatsApp chats to have a look into the casual convos for some additional information.

It’s perfect for Your Employees and Kids!

Did you procrastinate your decision of using XNSPY on your big workforce, just because you didn’t want to jailbreak hundreds of the new company-provided devices? Use the NoJailbreak version, it can do a lot for your monitoring your employees’ iPhones.

Similarly, if your kids never agreed onto handing over their phones for jailbreaking (which can take a while), you can remotely monitor their iPhones and iPads simply just with the Apple credentials of the targeted iPhone and iPad.

NoJailbreak Version, How Does It Work? 

XNSPY NoJailbreak app actually creates a copy of the iCloud account of the target user on its own cloud server. Parents and employers can access that uploaded data (which uploads every 24hrs) from XNSPY’s online webpage based control panel.

Compatibility and Pricing 

The cell phone monitoring app is compatible with all iPhones and iPads running iOS 7.0 or higher. This cell phone monitoring app is very easy on the pocket, costing just $99.99 for a year’s subscription. XNSPY is also available in Jailbreak version and for Android, offering more than 30 features. To learn more about the complete range of features offered by XNSPY, visit their website.


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