Cloud Computing For Improved Efficiency In Your Business

Having your data servers and storage located on a virtual drive has some definite advantages over maintaining your own servers and relying on staff to properly back up files. Here are a few of the advantages you can enjoy by using a cloud-based office system

Ability to access work information anytime, anywhere

When you have a cloud-based office system, you and your employees have the ability to access information 24/7 from virtually any smartphone, tablet, or PC via the remote servers that store your company information and data bases. As a business owner, it gives you the ability to seek and find talented employees no matter where they are, because they can work from any location. Charles Philips has been a key innovator in cloud-based computing solutions for many years. Before taking his current position as the CEO of Infor, he spent over seven years as the President of Oracle Corporation. His technology experience was highly valued by Morgan Stanley serving as the Managing Director for their Technology Group. At Infor, he has helped developed a variety of specialized cloud based solutions. Now businesses in the automotive, healthcare, aerospace, defense, fashion hospitality industry, and more enjoy office suites specifically designed to meet their needs and make it easier to do business anytime and anywhere. You can keep up to date on the latest in cloud computing on Charles Phillips’ Twitter site.

Better security and back-up

When cloud-based storage first arrived, many were suspicious, fearing that information was simply not safe “out there”. Now that technology is more developed, and people use the cloud more, it is clear that these fears were unfounded. This is because hackers are not familiar with custom software platforms, unlike software packages that come prepackaged. Data is set to sync with the cloud so you don’t have to worry about performing daily data back-up operations or relying on an employee to do it for you.

Reduced cost

Some companies may find that when they switch to a cloud-based system that they don’t need to lease as large of an office space because they don’t have to set aside as much room for computer equipment and an IT department. With a cloud-based system you won’t have to invest in as many expensive software and PC upgrades over the years because your data will be processed and easily accessible.

Easier group projects

Since cloud-based systems can be accessed virtually anywhere, employees can store information where other members of their project team can easily see it. This reduces the need for group emails, phone calls asking where information is and so on. Even this advantage alone is good reason for you to get started with cloud computing today.


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