SmartyDNS Review: What is Smart DNS and Why You Should Use It?

SmartyDNS provides a Smart DNS service for tech savvy customers that are looking to bypass geo restricted content but for those not in the know, what exactly is Smart DNS? Well it is a rather simple concept. Many websites on the internet today are blocked to people outside of certain countries, like for example Netflix US is available only to US IP addresses, what Smart DNS does is the technology resides in a server in that country (of the website you are accessing) and once you have changed your DNS values to the Smart DNS address that is given to you by your provider, your traffic will then be rerouted through the server in the correct country to make it appear as if you are accessing from the correct location. This all comes with absolutely no speed loss, which of course is paramount for those that stream HD content and the like.

To the uninitiated that may just sound like something a VPN can do, you are right it can, but not to the same extent. Firstly though, Smart DNS offers absolutely no encryption when you are browsing online so keep that in mind. What Smart DNS can do though is unblock websites from many countries around the world at the same time, so there is no need for you to keep switching servers like you would have to on a VPN connection.

What sets the SmartyDNS service apart from the rest is the fact that unlike many Smart DNS providers where the SmartDNS service is nothing more than an addition to a VPN package, at SmartyDNS they are 100% committed to nothing but Smart DNS and adding as many websites as they can to the list of unblocked sites. Not to mention SmartyDNS were amongst the very first Smart DNS providers so they have been around for quite a while and know what they are doing. Couple all of this knowledge with the fact that their prices are amongst the lowest for this sort of service and it is the ultimate combination for your internet streaming/browsing needs.

Pricing starts at $4.95 for one month at a time, then for three months it works out to be $4.48 a month then for a half year it works out at $3.99 and finally for a year’s subscription you can get it for $3.33 a month. That means you can have a Smart DNS service for a whole year for just a shade under $40, sounds very acceptable price to me. Though if you aren’t sure if this service is for you SmartyDNS offers a whole 2 week free trial where you get to test out the service and see if it works for you and just in case you don’t like the service there is a 30 day money back guarantee on offer so you don’t have to worry if you don’t get along with the service.

The SmartyDNS service is available on pretty much all popular platforms from Windows to iOS and many more, you name it and it’s probably supported. Not to mention for Windows SmartyDNS offer their own program meaning you don’t have to fiddle around with DNS addresses if you don’t want to. Though of course the most important part of a Smart DNS service is what websites are unblocked, well there is a whole list(link) but some of the more popular ones include the likes of Netflix, BBC iPlayer and iTV.

As for customer service SmartyDNS offers a live chat option for those that need answers instantly but there is also a ticket system for bringing up more technical answers.


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