Now Google+ Will Automatically Make Your Videos Look Great

Google+ already have some awesome features, one of them is auto awesome feature of photos. Just after introduction people easily gelled with this new idea and now Google is adding this feature to the videos too. Google recently announced that this auto awesome feature will enhance the video in terms of brightness ,noise, contrast. Unlike photos this feature can be set manually or done automatically.Once the video gets uploaded into Google+, it detects all the potential changes it can make and ask permissions suggesting the changes, the user can opt to change the video or not.

This new feature is already available on chrome OS, windows, Mac. It simply makes the videos look more bright, enhances color and improves stability as said by Google engineer Tim St. Clair . Auto awesome feature instantly gained popularity rather than the Google+. Google has already incorporated this feature into YouTube which is auto fix and does not let user to apply the enhancement.

Similarly now Users can customize and opt for making their low resolute private video awesome. After Facebook announced that it has been enhancing private pictures of users to make it look better and better, Google+ had taken a step forward to make the videos look great. Google is continuously making great efforts to make Google+ look awesome and better so that it can gain much popularity and give a tough competition to other social networking websites. Let us hope that Google plus brings more exciting features such as these and lets users have more customized editing options helping their video experience.

Let me know what you think of this awesome feature implemented considering another dimension (time).


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