Dropbox Releases Desktop Office Collaboration Tool

Dropbox, the cloud storage and sync pioneer, has rolled out its collaboration plug-in for the desktop versions of Microsoft Office. This release is named as Project Harmony and has been made available in early access for the business customers of Dropbox.

Early access means that the plug-in is still in development stage and the final version of the plug-in is yet to come live. In this early version of Dropbox plug-in a Dropbox badge will be seen in the PowerPoint or Excel documents. This badge will let you know and see who else is participating along with you. The various functionalities this offers is that it lets us know if there is any recent version of the current document, and if present we can refresh the document to get the latest version. The latest version also allows to share the document via a url generated. The information so provided is per the official blog entry.

Dropbox aims to make its service be a common platform for storing the files and content despite the platform from which it is being accessed. Be it Android, iOS, Windows, Mobile, PC , be it anything it wants to make the content available to the user. The partnership with Microsoft Office was another key step to make its goal a possibility.

In terms for the business customers it is very helpful as this would extend the functionality of editing the documents across the verticals with authorized access. It increases the usability of the content on the cloud to its maximum.

Project Harmony though under development gives an overlook of the actual integration. The company offers many more integrations with respect to the desktop and mobile app. The service by Dropbox is definitely a hard competition for its rivals.






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