OnePlus Sells 500k Devices With A $300 Marketing Budget

When it comes to smartphone industry, advertising is the best and most costly expenditure any company faces. We already know Chinese smart phone manufacturer which is named as a flagship killer, OnePlus recently released it budget for marketing which is just  $300. Samsung almost spends millions only in advertising and marketing which is what makes its devices  costly.

OnePlus One is the smart phone which runs on Cyanogen Mod 11 and is definitely the one of the bests in market. OnePlus took a different marketing strategy than others, it started up a new system of invitations. Though initially everyone were quite anxious about this system, later everyone was disappointed because it made them impatient to wait to get an invitation.

OnePlus recently announced that it has sold 500,000 devices since April with marketing budget of just $300. The invitation system made users spread the mouth talk and brought its publicity all by itself. Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus says “We found that we’ve not  reached a crucial mass of users…They are helping us spread the word organically,” in an interview with Forbes. He also commented on the invitation process saying that it may seem complex resulting smaller sales in shorter time but also speaks about advantages of having the required amount only for required quantity of customers rather than piling up devices for unavailable customers.

OnePlus plans to sell 1,000,000 One devices by the end of this year which might really happen, given they release much better ways to buy the device. New Year eve is just 7 weeks from now, let us see what OnePlus will do.


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