Google Gets New Product Chief, Sundar Pichai

Google a giant company which has many divisions and numerous products, which is why it becomes difficult to handle them. To tackle this, Mr. Larry Page , chief executive of Google has promoted Mr.Sundar Pichai to oversee every major Google products except YouTube. This move to promote Mr. Sundar Pichai by Mr. Page will let him to concentrate on more futuristic projects . And also the move makes Mr.Pichai second-most powerful person at the company.

The divisions of the company that come under the supervision of Mr .Pichai include the Android and Chroe products, along with Google Apps like Google Docs and Gmail. His empire does not include Research, Search, Maps, the socail media network Google Plus, along with Commerce.

According to the sources who have the knowledge of the announcement have indicated that Mr.Pichai’s position is similar to that of chief operating officer except that he doesn’t oversee typical operations intiatives like sales, finance or the company’s legal department.

Every now and then big companies like this iterate and strategize to improve their products, They re-iterate the management hierarchy for better and efficient work output. Mr. Page before this announcement was solely responsible for all the products of Google as the chief executive. Now he adds Mr. Pichai to the management hierarchy for the betterment of the company. Mr. Page indicates that through his freeing the company can make faster decisions and can concentrate of the growing list of big bets for the company.

Let’s just wait and see what are the moves and views of Mr. Pichai in monitoring the different products. Hope this change is  positive for the company.


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