Amazon Is Opening a Store in NYC, Not Really for Shopping

Amazon is opening a store, a physical store. This is like a dream to many of us, amazon opening a store to showcase its products for shopping. It had to happen, that’s what The Wall Street Journal is reporting citing unnamed sources. The Journal adds that the physical store location across from the Empire State Building in Manhattan will open in time for the lucrative holiday shopping season.

For such a superhit online megastore why to open a physical might be intriguing. A physical store is against the basic existence of the store. The fact that amazon is where is it today is because its online which offers great convenience to select from the wide varieties available. This also reduced the expenses like the rentals for the store and the salaries for the retail employees, instead which they invested in betterment of their website.

To answer the question, the sources say that this brick and mortar space across the street from the Empire State Building serves as a huge advertisement for the firm’s online operation. But behind the scenes, it will work in other ways- ways that reveal even bigger ambitions for the company.

Most recently Amazon has been taking aggressive steps to grab any piece of retail market, changing face of retail market to less lucrative with introduction of online shopping.

In recent times the online shopping sites have introduced the idea of one day delivery which amazon has taken it as a challenge to compete with other sites. But for groceries it takes two days which is little more than others.The futuristic plans of the firm give us an idea that it will deliver even them in a day.

But when a media site has seeked confirmation from the online store, a spokesperson of Amazon said ” We have made no announcements about a location in Manhattan.”. Lets wait up and see if this is really going to be happening.


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