LinkedIn Creates Features to Protect User Accounts

It has been so far very good and lucky for the hacker community as they were successful in the massive breach at The Home Depot and mass celebrity photo leak. It is good for hackers and mark these events as a milestone in their line of work, but it is bad for everyone else. Hackers are now stronger than ever before breaching the most secure services. And this is why LinkedIn now creates three privacy features to protect user accounts.

LinkedIn has said it will introduce three tools designed to give users more control over the data associated with their accounts. These tools promise to keep the accounts more secure than before and will let the users know the details of the devices on which their account is being handled.

Users now will be able to see every device on which they are logged into LinkedIn to determine whether or not someone has accessed their account without permission. This can be done by going into settings and clicking on “See where you are logged in”. Users also can log out of any session remotely from within this tab.

LinkedIn list of new features also include the feature that allows the users to export all of their LinkedIn data including updates, activity, IP records, and searches. Users can access this information within the settings tab under “Download your data.” This data helps you to analyze everything you have done or not done in turn helping to determine if someone else has posted or searched your account.

Lastly another feature that LinkedIn has developed to secure the accounts is providing additional information to automated password change emails. Now, if the password is changed an email will be sent to the concerned email id which stated the details like date, time, device, browser, operating system, IP address, and approximate physical location in connection with the password change.

LinkedIn has updated these features for the global users and is asking them to check if these features are alive.


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