Pin Drop App with New Features, Live on US App Store

Pin Drop, an App and website allowing you to save, organise, and share locations, has now launched on Apple iPhone US App Store, as posted by Mike Butcher on TechCrunch. It now carries a new collaborative mapping features and the capability to have various profiles too.

Pin Drop is a location bookmarking app for saving the places that are vital to you. The Pin Drop App is a hit in London. It’s also carries a privacy revamp that allows the ability to toggle among making pins and tags public or private, facilitating users to send a list to pick recipients or share in public.

The concept is to weave a map and construct a library of your favourite locations, whether publicly shared or kept private. The new collaborative lists feature creates lists with multiple users to group subjects having common interests, viz. “Cool Bars” etc. Anonymously using the app is also possible.

Now Pin Drop users can indeed generate multiple accounts – viz. for personal, leisure or business use. It also facilitates users to attach audio and video files to pins to give more contexts around the experiences, coupled to precise places.

Pin Drop App was founded by Andy Ashburner who had also helped develop Summly, the news summarizing app acquired by Yahoo! in March, 2013. Pin Drop is mainly famous among outdoor sports fanatic’s viz. hikers, skaters, and snowboarders apart from location scouts, architects, among others.

Pin Drop’s rivals are Findery, from Flickr cofounder Katerina Fake that also raised $11m to shape a same kind of app.

Pin Drop App also provides compatibility to an API for third party developer’s integration.


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