Instagram Or Vine: The Video-Sharing Battle

Instagram recently updated its photo-sharing app and added video as a new way to share life moments.

Competing with the video app, Vine, Facebook launched the video feature for Instagram last week. However, Vine and Instagram have a few different qualities to bring to the table.

While Vine offers six seconds of video time, Instagram expanded the length to 15 seconds. Users can either love or hate this feature. With 15 seconds, users can capture more moments easily without feeling as rushed with a six second video.  However, 15 seconds can seem like a lifetime for viewers if the video is not exactly amusing. A six-second time frame is great to catch a user’s creativity shine with a limited amount of time.

With 15 seconds, looping does not seem necessary for the Instagram app. With Vine, sometimes the viewer needs the second, third or even fifth time to catch what is in the video.

Instagram allows the user to edit the video if needed, but only the most recent clip taken in the video. It also offers new filters for the videos, as well. Vine does not let the user edit the video or offer filters filters. Both apps have front-camera functionality, allowing the users to switch between cameras during videos.

To help with the phone’s shakiness, Instagram’s Cinema feature stabilizes video shot in the app.

Instagram lets users share videos to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, foursquare and Flickr. Vine allows users to share to Facebook, Twitter and Vine.

Vine and Instagram have automatic sound and autoplay. Vine offers users the ability to embed their videos, which is a step-up from Instagram.

It seems to be a close competition between Vine and Instagram. Keep an eye out to see which video app comes out on top.


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